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  1. Ruan Kinberg

    Greetings and salutations!

    So thankful for the River Rat and some fabulous music, and I’ll be honest, the fact that this is the only true local station counts for a lot in inspiring loyalty. It’s much more personal and feels accessible to know the buck stops in Chaffee Co with the River Rat!

    With that said, I was listening to the news updates this morning (10/2) and was a little irritated at the piece on Hannah Hannah’s tax liens. It’s not so much what was said as what wasn’t said. Typical of media these days, only a tiny sliver of the picture is chosen and revealed to further an agenda. So many other pieces, such as the work Ms Hannah has done on behalf of veterans and the homeless, get little attention. And if we must go to the hamper for news items, let’s by all means report on Keith Baker’s skeletons. Everyone has them. I find it quite distasteful, if politics are to be brought up, that it be handled in such a one sided, biased manner. I’m sure the Hannah supporters in your audience would appreciate a more balanced approach. This is a privately owned station, I understand that, but to continue local loyalty, it may be wise to have a broader coverage of the upcoming election.

    Thank you again for the Tom Petty and David Bowie! Be well.

    1. mh420bell Post author

      Hope you are still a fan of The River Rat! Know this response took a while, but I was just put in charge of this neglected website a week ago. Sorry you were irritated with the report in early October, but the whole story is not always available to us. I am wondering if you were able to hear the interview Marc’s wife, Melissa, did with Hannah Hannah November 2, 2020, the night before the election. I sure hope so! It was replayed a number of times that night and the next day, and I was impressed with what I heard. Believe me, here at KSBV we try to get the whole story from all sides. Keep listening, and Rock On!

  2. Todd Rutledge

    Love your station. Wondering if you could send me the church # and pastor you have every Sunday please. I had a stroke. 8 years ago and am suffering from depression. The doctor can’t find a medication that works. I need spiritual guidance. Thank you Todd Rutledge

    1. ksbv radio Post author

      Todd Rutledge,

      Sorry it has been a while getting back to you. To answer your question the pastors name is Jim Mundy you can find him on Facebook, He also has Sunday night services on the Facebook Group The Lighthouse & Peace of Mind Ministry the link is, The service starts at 6:00 P.M. on Sundays.


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