Prices for 2012 subject to change without notice.

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Picked Fresh Everyday!

Farm Stand Pre-Picked.

Picked Fresh Daily.

Size Prices
 1 Pint Basket $2.00
 3 Pint Baskets $6.00
 1/2 Falt (6 Pint Baskets) $10.00
 Full Flat (12 Pint Baskets) $19.00

U-Pick, Pick Your Own.

Check the U-Pick section for more information.

 Product Prices
 Strawberries $2.00 per lbs
 Snap peas, green beans, garlic $3.00 per lbs 
 Zucchini, crooked neck squash, red onions, cucumbers $2.00 per lbs

 Farmers Market. 

 Size Prices
 1 Basket $3.00
 3 Baskets $8.00
 1/2 Flat $15.00
 Full Flat  $25.00
*Some markets may be lower than shown.